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Commercial Vehicle Bodywork Construction

Our company is certified with the CYN EN ISO 9001:2008 control system in the field of design, production, marketing and installation of metal systems for machinery. We have created until present hundreds of bodyworks and we can guarantee excellent workmanship with attention to detail and elegance, taking into account the technical specifications of the framework and the transportation needs of the customer.

All products are manufactured following the required study on design based on the European requirements framework; in addition we label all our projects with the CE marking, in accordance with the provisions of relevant legislation (Statement of Compliance with Technical Support File).

  • Special Bodies
  • Tipper
  • Lorry with Crane
  • Lorry Tipper with crane
  • Hook Loader
  • Skip Loader
  • Recovery
  • Closed Bodies
  • Lorry for Recycling











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